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Item Code : VE-046

Product Description : F1 Broccoli

Quantity : +/- 30 seeds

Maturity : 60 days


Seed Sowing Guide

  1. Make some small holes on the seedling soil with gap 45-60cm each. Put in 2 to 3 seed for each hole and then covered with a thin layer of soil. Watering twice a day until after germination.
  2. When the seedling grow 3-4 true leaves, may thin out excess seedlings (remove weak seedlings) or transplant, keep the strongest seedling for each hole.
  3. Topdressed with Baba 532 organic foliage fertilizer two weeks once. Put the fertilizer away from plant with 15 to 20cm gap, cover with soil. Watering after fertilization.
  4. Ready to be harvested when the florets on the outside edge of the head get to be the size of the head of a match, and the color of the florets become deep green. May use pruning shears to cut the head of the broccoli off the plant.


Harvest Tips:

Avoid watering on florets, it will cause mold of florets.

After you have harvested the main head, you can continue to harvest the side shoots from the broccoli.

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