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Item Code : VE-064

Product Description : F1 Purple Sweet Corn

Quantity : +/- 10 seeds

Maturity : 70 days

* High anti-oxidant anthocyanin!


Seed Sowing Guide

  1. Fill up the seedling pot with seedling soil, poke a hole from the soil with finger, pour 1 seed into the hole and then covered with a thin layer of soil.
  2. Place the seedling pots under the shade, watering once a day in the morning. The seeds would be germinated within 5 – 7 days, after that move the seedling pots to a place which expose to sunlight (no direct sunlight).
  3. When the seedlings grow to around 8cm, may prepare to transplant the seedlings into a planting pot with a depth of 30cm or more, leave 30cm gap for each plant.
  4. Top dressed with Mr Ganick 532 Organic Leafy Fertilizer weekly for bigger and healthier leaves; During the blossom period, switch to Mr Ganick 426 Organic Melon Vegetable Fertilizer for bigger and fuller harvest.  Put the fertilizer 10 to 15cm away from plant, cover with soil, watering after fertilization.  May cover with soil if the roots are exposed.
  5. Shaking the corn tree manually in the morning for artificial pollination after blossom. Keep only 1-2 fruit for each plant and harvest extra fruits as baby corn.
  6. Ready to be harvested 70 days after transplant, when the corn cob turns to light brown.


Growing Tips

Sweet corn is a kind of cross-pollination plants, so suggest to grow by 3×3 grid, in order to increase the percentage of pollination.

May apply Mr Ganick Dr Neem oil in the evening after watering, in order to repel insect, twice a week.

Sweet corn is a multiple harvested crop, suggested to harvest 2- 3 times.

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