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Wood Flooring Beyer Aquaquesten for wood flooring. No pungent odor, dry, sensitive, translucent film.

Wood flooring, nano-acrylic water-based, odorless, dry flooring for indoor flooring that does not require oil or thinner interference and requires immediate access to the area after renovation, such as bedroom, In the Hotel Beger AquaPU water-based polyurethane stain free, can be re-used within a day, do not mix thinner.


Application area: Suitable for all types of outdoor flooring such as decking, flooring, walkway Wood Floors around the pool, deck, balcony, stairs, furniture, yard.

Covering area: 50 square meters / gallon / trip

. Solvent: diluted with clean water. Mix up to 5-10%.

Packing: ¼ gallon and 1 gallon (3.5 liters).



No pungent smell Safe for users and residents. Not toxic to the environment.

Dry back to the area quickly, only 1 day.

Translucent film Show beautiful and clear.

Resistant to trampling Scrub clean

Deep color And flexible Color film is not broken or blistered.

Protect from UV rays and sunlight with UV Guard.

Breathable wood protects the water 100% while the wood also evaporates. It also protects the insects destroying the wood.

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