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Feel free to contact us to know more about the colour and pricing prior purchasing. Thank you.

购买前请随时联系我们以了解更多关于颜色和价格的信息. 谢谢


Step out from the everyday rules and procedures of painting and finish your paint application in one go with this water-based interior paint from BEGER ONE. Highly concentrated formulation contains primer which provides the ability to smoothen the surface and conceal gaps or joints. Max-Cover Titanium allows the paint molecules to align perfectly for gorgeous appearance and generating thick film. On top of that, this paint lends resistance against alkalinity, great adhesion strength and excellent coverage. Paint jobs can be accomplished effortlessly along with ensuring paint efficiency.



Quality water-based paint formulated from acrylic comes ready to use without adding water.

Max-Cover Titanium allows the paint molecules to align perfectly for gorgeous appearance.

Matt and sheen paint film provides excellent coverage and smooth surface thoroughly.

Silver Ion (Ag+) ensures bacteria-free application and the paint excludes mercury, lead and volatile substances.

Provides excellent adhesion strength, protection against pollutants and resistance against scrubbing

Promotes cost and time saving as the application does not require a primer.


Product Usage:

For interior application.

For better adhesion strength, surface should be free from dust, grease and impurities.


Product Tips:

Please read the instruction manuals thoroughly.

Choose the right size and type of the product for the task.



Do not modify or misuse the product.

Do not use any acidic-alkaline agents to clean the product.

Keep in a dry place and out of reach of children.

Keep away from all sources of heat and flame.

Avoid leaving the product in sunlight as infliction of damages may occur.

Ingestion and inhalation of the product are strongly prohibited.

Do not use with non-standard equipment or incompatible tools.

Use of protective equipment is highly recommended for safety purpose.

In case of direct contact, rinse with plenty of clean water immediately.

In case of eye contact, rinse with plenty of clean water and seek for medical attention immediately.

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